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For Parties and Marriages - 500 ml

Just the right amount of water for the individual..

The 500ml bottle is available for you to quench your thirst instantly without having to carry around the weight of a big bottle.

Its convenient size even allows for it to be stored in small bags.



For Picnics and Family Gatherings - 1 Litre / 2 Litres / 5 Litres

These 1 Litres / 2 Litres / 5 Litres  bottles are designed to suit the needs of the fitness-conscious individual / group on the go.


With a double-sealed leak proof, its ideal for people working-out, engages picnics and family gathering events.

Shortly this product will avilable with a regular twist-cap.



For Commercial & Residential - 20 Litres (Returnable PET cans)

DEW is also available in 20L PET which suits only as far as your dispenser is, when you want it. This pack is avilable with a cold water dispenser at present.


De-mineralization technology is the most proven & reliable process of water purification used in the water treatment Industry.

De-mineralized water finds wide application in the field of power, steam, process, cooling industries, institutions laboratories etc.

The quality of our De-mineralized water is -

  • Conductivity: Less than 01 micron Siemens
  • PH: 6.5 to 7.5
  • Packing: Available in 20 ltrs HDPE Cans (Returnable) and in 1000 ltrs HDPE Tank (Returnable)


Surabhi's Dew Packaged Drinking Water Certification offered by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) under STI, IS 14543:2004 is an endorsement to the top quality of our product. We have designed our packaging system in such a way that it keeps the water preserved for a quiet long time. Food graded PET materials more than 85% transparency is used for packing Surabhis Dew as per BIS.

FSSAI License is granted under FSS Act 2006 and Our FSSAI License No. is: 11212327000208

SURABHIs DEW is an ISI certified Packaged Drinking Water which is safe, fresh and pure drinking water scientifically disinfected and treated with essential processes is now available at your doorstep.


The various packaging include 500ml, 1l, 2l and 5l in PET bottles are available. 20l returnable PET cans are also available.


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Facts about Water

Though water is wrong to be designate as a type of food, it is present in all types of food. It is universal solvent & is a constituent of all bodily fluids such as blood, lymph & urine.

  • Water is the essence of Life.

  • Two - Thirds of a healthy human body is water.

  • Human body requires atleast 2 3 liters of water daily for efficient absorption and transportation of nutrients and oxygen to every cell, to facilitate digestion, flush out impurities, and regulate body temperature.

  • 80% of known human disease are Waterborne. A few prominent examples are: Polio, Jaundice, Meningitis, Typhoid, Amoebiasis, Gastroenteritis.

  • Even if you are boiling, filtering or chlorinating your water, one thing is certain : what you are drinking is still toxic and sometimes poisoning may take upto 8 to 14 years to show up in the form of Rickets, Stones, Kindney Damage, etc., besides Gastro - Intestinal Disorders.

Water is referred to as our most precious resource. Without it ,life as me know it would cease to exist on earth . However, we are polluting the water faster than nature can clean it up.


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