Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. 

John Ruskin (1819 1900) 

SURABHI is committed to ensuring that its customer receives only the highest quality products from our plants.

We confirm the quality & integrity of our raw material suppliers through an itemed qualification procedure which includes supplier questionnaires, in- house sample analysis.

We also continue to invest in & upgrade the quality assurance department by ensuring the required analytical equipment & technical resources are available and improved.

Surabhi has a highly trained & experienced quality & technical staff & highly equipped in-house laboratory, that makes sure our products meet quality & food safety standards.

Our Quality Assurance Programme incorporates the following elements:

Addressing potential hazards for physical chemical & microbiological contamination.

For PDW, microbiological & chemical parameter as per IS 14543:2004 standards prescribed by Bureau of Indian Standards.

Documentation & record keeping.

We keep a track of quality of product on day- today basis.

We keep a check in the hygiene working environment.

Established monitoring system.

Determine any required corrective action when needed.

Every employee is medically examined for the physical fitness & health.

Quality assurance is a key component of Surabhi & is instilled in every of our employee.

All manufacturing employees are required to complete comprehensive training programmes, awareness of sanitation, food safety & environment controls.

As per Food Safety and Standards Regulations (FSSAI) 2011, both Packaged Drinking Water and Beverages comply with the Microbiological & Chemical Requirements.