For Parties and Marriages - 500 ml

Just the right amount of water for the individual..

The 500ml bottle is available for you to quench your thirst instantly without having to carry around the weight of a big bottle.

Its convenient size even allows for it to be stored in small bags.



For Picnics and Family Gatherings - 1 Litre / 2 Litres / 5 Litres

These 1 Litres / 2 Litres / 5 Litres  bottles are designed to suit the needs of the fitness-conscious individual / group on the go.


With a double-sealed leak proof, its ideal for people working-out, engages picnics and family gathering events.

Shortly this product will avilable with a regular twist-cap.



For Commercial & Residential - 20 Litres (Returnable PET cans)

DEW is also available in 20L PET which suits only as far as your dispenser is, when you want it. This pack is avilable with a cold water dispenser at present.