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Surabhi Bevin Apple Flavored Water is very popular fruit flavored drinking water brought to you by SURABHI BEV INDIA. It has the great demand for these tasty products led SURABHI to bring "SURABHI BEVIN" Series in variety of flavours.

Available Packing: 2 ltrs / 600 ml / 250 ml / 200 ml



Surabhi Mii Paneer Soda is known for its unique taste of fruity flavor. It is very popular different kind of satisfying drink by SURABHI Bev INDIA.

Available Packing: 2 ltrs / 600 ml / 275 ml


Surabhi QIKMAXX CLUB SODA is very popular satisfying soda drink by SURABHI BEV INDIA.

Club Soda - many Uses:

  • It is often drink plain or mixed with fruit juice.
  • It may be used to dilute drinks based on cardials such as orange squash.
  • It is also mixed with alcoholic beverage to make cocktails such as Whisky & Soda or Campari & Soda.
  • It is a diluents, works well in short drinks made with whisky, brandy & campari & in long drinks such as made with vermouth (wine flavoured herbs).
  • It is a necessary ingredient in many cocktails where it is used to top-off the drink & provide a degree of fizz.

Available Packing: 600 ml

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Jeera Facts:
Jeera is an aromatic astringent seed efficient in the treatment of minor digestive disorders, cold & cough pain killer etc from its medicinal values. The seeds of Cumin have gained place as main spice in Indian, African, Chinese, Cuban & Mexican cuisines due to their distinctive popular aroma. Due to its medicinal properties, Jeera is used as an ingredient in many home remedies & ayurvedic preparations.
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